Abunayyan Holding at forefront of recruitment

Abunayyan Holding has teamed up with Cazar, the leading recruitment solution provider in the Middle East, to launch Mostaqbaly, their new employer brand and career website. This latest move has been fuelled by the company’s upcoming recruitment drive in the region.

President & CEO, Khalid Abunayyan explains the reason behind this latest project, “Abunayyan Holding and its subsidiaries aspire to be the employer of choice for national and non-national top human talent. We will relentlessly pursue the fulfillment of this strategic objective. Launching Mostaqbaly, our new career website, is an important step forward.”

The company, which launched its new corporate identity last year, wanted a compelling strategy & communication tools to engage with the very best talent in the most efficient way. Studies have shown that leading organizations in the Middle East recruit 23%  of their hires through their own dedicated career website.

Mostaqbaly (Mostaqbaly.abunayyanholding.com), which means “My Future” in Arabic is built using responsive design, which means it adapts its content and layout to the candidate’s device, whether it is a smartphone, tablet or PC across any platform and ensure the same user experience, security and functionality.

Feras Al-Sa’di, Abunayyan Holding Marketing Strategy & Corporate Communications Manager, states, “The recruitment space here has completely changed in the past 10 years: qualified candidates are online and mobile. They have many job opportunities to choose from and an altogether different set of expectations.”

According to statistics by Rise Media Services, Saudis, on average, spend five hours a day on a desktop or laptop computer and another three hours on mobile devices.

“If we want to connect with candidates and get their attention, we need to be where they are – online – and deliver an interesting employer proposition. This is why having a good, mobile-optimised career website with a strong candidate-facing brand was essential to us,” added Feras Al-Sadi.”

As the Middle East’s largest economy, Saudi Arabia has the largest user base of internet & mobile and social media users in the region. With over 54.5 million registered mobile users and over 14.7 million broadband internet users, or just over half the population, Saudi Arabia has one of the world’s highest mobile penetration rates.

Lee Slimming, Recruitment Marketing Specialist at Cazar comments, “According to Google, 45% of all web searches  are done using a mobile device. If a company wants qualified individuals to stay on their site and apply, it must be easy to use across all devices. Abunayyan definitely has a competitive advantage because they are the first employer in KSA to deliver this level of candidate experience.”